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Contemporary water features

Water features have become increasingly popular in recent years, but they’ve been a part of our gardens for many more.

It’s not hard to see why; water features effortlessly add an elegant touch to any garden and be applied in various ways. Contemporary water features can serve as a statement piece for your garden or simply as a relaxing addition in a quiet area of the garden.

Water features don’t just contribute visually to a garden: one of their benefits is their gentle aural aspect. The sound of falling or running water can be extremely calming.

Water features come in a variety of shapes and sizes and contemporary water features can be suitable for any budget or garden size. The matter of where you’ll locate your water feature is one worth considering. It can have an impact on how you want the feature to look or its size.

We can advise you on the installation of your contemporary water features and complete it for you.

Garden fencing in Glasgow

We tend to think of fencing as simply something that goes around the garden, but it can make a surprising difference to your garden’s appearance and functionality.

Creative use of fencing can transform the garden; create space and enhance its looks. While privacy is an obvious application of fencing, it’s an important one and it’s worth nothing that it doesn’t have to detract from your garden’s appearance even as it shields your space from the outside world.

Fencing can reflect and enhance a garden’s appearance through careful use of material and colour. Using timber from your area can be a beautiful way to blend your garden with the larger environment, as well as guaranteeing quality.

Fencing can be utilised in a variety of ways: it can be used to partition areas of the garden, enabling you to use the space more creatively and create areas within the garden. If you live in a particularly windy area then fencing can act as an effective windbreaker.

If you’re looking for garden fencing in Glasgow or beyond, then P.D. Stokes can help.

Need patio ideas for small gardens?

It can be a challenge to maximise space in a small garden, but that needn’t be an obstacle to installing a patio in one.

Patios make a great addition to your garden, with a wide variety of uses. They’re a wonderful way to enjoy your garden and can be used as a location for social occasions in your garden or simply a quiet place to relax.

They don’t need to be restricted to just outside the home – when installing a patio in a small garden, you just have to be mindful about implementation.

What you intend to use the patio for is important when considering patio ideas for small gardens. Do you envision it as a space to enjoy quiet evenings in your garden, or do you intend to use it for gatherings of friends and family?

Patios can be constructed in a huge variety of ways: the shape and material are entirely up to you. Lighting can also be used creatively to enliven the space and widen its potential uses.

Stunning driveways in Glasgow

Driveways in Glasgow don’t need to just be a way to take your car from garage to road.

Their ability to enhance a garden shouldn’t be underestimated. The potential scope and format of a driveway is determined by your imagination and the space available.

There can be far more to a driveway’s layout than a straight line to the road. If you wish, your driveway can be sweeping in size and creatively laid out to add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

The material used to construct the driveway can be a number of things; monoblock is but one of these. They can be subtle additions or striking features but need never be boring and can be adapted to your budget and garden.

Gardening and landscaping – whatever you need.

It can be a big undertaking to decide to do work on your garden.

Now that you’ve taken that step, the next one is to think about what you want to do. It can be a large change or a small change; whatever the scale of the project, it still requires careful thought.

Your garden is an important space and it’s important to maximise its potential.

The individual elements that make up your garden work together to form the whole. P.D. Stokes can help if you want to create a new garden from scratch and transform the space completely. We can also perform work to add or update features for your existing garden. We offer a variety of services in addition to comprehensive landscape gardening.

Looking for garden fencing in Glasgow, patio ideas for small gardens, help with contemporary water features or driveways in Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland? We provide all that and more.

Whatever you’re doing with your garden, considering each aspect of it is critical to ensuring you realise your vision for it.

For more information on our landscape gardening projects, contact us today on 0141 942 8251, or send us an email.


Contemporary water features in Glasgow