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Landscape gardening ideas

Most of us will have fond childhood memories of the gardens we grew up with, whether it’s kicking a ball about with our friends or barbecues in the late summer evenings.

They can be havens of quiet relaxation; a place for us to escape from the hectic outside world. And more besides. At their best, gardens are reflections of our personalities and perhaps that’s why landscape garden design is so popular. We’re always on the hunt for landscape gardening ideas because we want our gardens to reflect our dreams.

The good thing is, this is easily done. When it comes to pursuits such as front garden design, there’s lots of choice enabling us to work on our gardens. Sometimes, however, it can be tough to know exactly what we want to go in them.

We may know that we want a water feature – but what should it look like? Where should it go in the garden? Reading about ideas for garden design can help us bring our vision for the garden into reality.

Landscape garden design – shape your garden

Colour, smell and visuals. These are some of the basic factors to consider when it comes to landscape garden design and inspiration for landscape gardening ideas.

Using these categories for your garden design ideas can be a good way to start figuring out what you want from your garden. For example, when it comes to ideas for front garden design you might want the garden to have more of an aesthetic focus than a practical one – will it be visible to passers-by?

You can shape your garden into a sensory paradise with a careful selection of flowers and trees – balancing your focus between colour, smell and visuals can create a space that stimulates your eyes and sense of smell.

Sourcing ideas for garden design

Front garden design can be a challenge, but it’s a worthwhile one.

Landscape gardening ideas can come from anywhere. Nature is maybe an obvious source for ideas but for all that we spend a fair amount of time in it, we don’t always pay attention to it.

There’s an infinite variety of flowers, plants and wildlife in nature opening up the possibilities for sublime landscape garden design. Particularly if you’re on the lookout for ideas for a wildlife-friendly garden: there’s ways to craft habitats for the local wildlife within our gardens in an unobtrusive way and it can make a big difference to wildlife populations. Even in the middle of the city it can be possible to replicate the look of a rugged patch of untamed land.

Something as simple as looking at the gardens around you can give ideas for elements to use in your own. Looking in your own area can help you find ideas that particularly suit the place in which you live. Even in an island as small as Britain, the climate varies wildly across the land – it’s worth keeping in mind that what works in one area might not in another.

The internet has widened our possibilities when it comes to landscape gardening ideas – it’s a rich source for inspiring ideas for landscape garden design. With the internet, we can travel across the globe from the comfort of our own home and this allows us to take inspiration from other cultures.

Cultures take shape from the country they develop in and the people that form it, meaning that different cultures can present a whole new spectrum of ideas. We can use elements of each other’s culture in our landscape garden design and take advantage of innovations from other places in the world.

Social networking sites like such as Pinterest can act as digital mood boards for projects like front garden design. Other people are making boards for their own gardening projects, allowing you to explore and share inspiration for landscape garden design.

Discuss front garden design with us

Once you’ve explored the avenues above for ideas for garden design, there’s the old-school method: you can discuss it with us.

Bring your ideas to us and we’ll discuss them with you when forming a plan for your garden. We have decades of experience when it comes to landscape gardening and can advise you on any aspect of front garden design.

You might only have impressions of colour and smell – that’s enough. We’ll help make your dream garden a reality.

To discuss ideas for garden design, contact us today on 0141 942 8251, or send us an email.



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