Our Services

Our specialty lies in handling the creation of your ideal garden from beginning to end.

We offer a design service – do you have ideas for what you want your garden to do but aren’t sure how to achieve it? We can combine our expertise with your vision and provide professional advice on how to go about realising your ideas. If you have a solid plan in mind, then that’s fantastic. We’ll listen to your ideas and translate that into a design outline.

We can also perform individual services for existing gardens. If things aren’t quite as you want them to be, you can change it so that they are.

Ideas for Garden Design

We understand working with the needs of the existing site. Our services include:

  • Install a driveway that uses materials to enhance surroundings, e.g. blockwork or other modern materials. We offer a choice of many different materials and colours; your driveway can blend seamlessly into your garden rather than detracting. It can contribute aesthetically to the garden’s appearance as well as be functional.
  • Lay turf. It creates a near instant lawn for your garden, beneficial when you can’t afford avoiding the area for weeks, as required when using seed. It combines convenience and aesthetics.

We also know it’s important that your garden can be used throughout the year. We’re able to:

  • Plant your borders, using our expertise to create pleasing plant combinations for a good year round effect.
  • Construct patios or seating areas so you have a space from which to enjoy the whole of the garden.

And we can design and build features to enhance your existing garden, such as:

  • Water features. A well-designed water feature can be the centrepiece of a garden, or quietly complement its surroundings. It can provide a point of reflection and peace.
  • While you may elect to have fencing installed for practical reasons, there’s a wealth of materials and applications allowing you to add to the appearance of your garden in a simple and effective way.

Whether you would like us to design and landscape a garden from scratch or want to add features to an existing garden, we’ll be happy to discuss your plans.

For more information, give us a call today today on 0141 942 8251, or send us an email.